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Students who depend on essay writing services to have their school work done are today a discouraged group. This is due to the growing numbers of rogue companies that have filled the Internet. These kinds of essay companies make promises of producing quality products that they never keep. On the contrary, their unskilled writers copy content online and patch it up into products that are filled with errors. The main objective of these rogue essay companies is make quick profits and they ride on the ignorance of students. This is extremely sad for students as they are left helpless.

As a way of addressing this problem so that the confidence that students had in essay companies is restored, we have created indychristianwritersconf.com. This is an online platform through which we educate consumers of essay companies on practical ways through which they can find the most authentic essay companies. We do this by inviting consumers to review the services that they receive from essay companies. Once we get those reviews, we study them so as to know how each reviewed essay service address the needs of quality, timeliness, pricing, customer care and ready to use products that students usually have. We also rank each company in numerical order based on how well it meets these needs. This makes it very easy for students to identify those essay companies that are authentic, which also means that they chances of them being spammed are lowered significantly.

The rating scores and ranking lists form part of the consumer reports that we publish on this platform. Because we are always in need of customer reviews, we invite students to write detailed reviews on essay companies occasionally. In our invitations, we ask them to include information about rights that customers are accorded by essay companies. These are things like right to ask for revisions on already submitted pieces, or receive updates on progress and correct information. Students should also include details on the guarantees that the companies make to consumers through its policies and tell us whether or not, plagiarism reports, writer credentials and work samples are made available to them. Comments on how competent the writers are also welcome. We are also careful to learn more on how the companies price their services and whether students feel that their pricing levels are fair. In addition to the customer review outcomes, we tell students the offerings that each reviewed company in our report offers.

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The ranking system that we use in our reports makes it possible for anyone to locate the most authentic companies within a very short time. It is important to note that our reports feature essay companies whose reviews are ongoing as well as those whose reviews have been concluded. The numerical ranking is not meant to intimidate those companies that have a poor performance. Instead, the ranking is intended to increase the visibility of authentic essay companies so that students can locate them with ease. We host some videos of the most credible essay services below and have also included their website links so you can reach them easily.